pid=3045474 Silent Data | The Privacy Preserving Oracle for Real-World Data

Verify web2 Data in web3 Applications

Silent Data empowers web3 developers to validate web2 real-world data sources in their blockchain applications without accessing or storing sensitive information.

The Privacy Preserving Oracle for Real-World Data

A confidential computing solution that enables web3 applications to utilise web2 data, without revealing the data to anyone.

Verify Users Confidentially

Enable KYC, AML and social identity verifications in complete confidentiality in web3 applications.

Real-World Asset Tokenization

Tokenize real-world assets and provide proof of origin, provenance and value by enabling cryptographic verification of private web2 data.

Use your Blockchain of Choice

Born on Algorand; Coming soon on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Polkadot.

Trusted, Award Winning Technology

Through our partnerships, Silent Data has been selected, recognised and received multiple awards from world class organisations.



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