Privacy-preserving bank account checks

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Proof of funds

Minimum bank balance

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Check in advance that a party has the ability to pay

Proof of income

Consistent income over 3 months

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Reduce your risk by ensuring that customers have sufficient income


Increase the speed of your operations and reduce the risk of fraud and theft by checking bank accounts, and provide maximim data protection to everyone by using our privacy-preserving service where we have no access to the bank account data.

Ultimate data privacy

Confidential enclave technology ensures that sensitive banking data is never revealed, not even to us

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Comply with data minimisation using checks that don't expose sensitive customer data that is not absolutely required

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is regulation defined by the EU and adopted by the UK for protection and privacy of personal data. One of the key principles of GDPR is data minimisation, requiring businesses to only collect, store and process the minimum data that is needed in order to perform their business operations. SILENTDATA helps businesses be more GDPR compliant by providing a platform that performs checks without revealing or sharing sensitive personal data.

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Reduce cyber risk and avoid storing and processing sensitive customer data

Personal data held by businesses is under constant threat of cyber attack. SILENTDATA enables checks to be performed without requiring businesses to collect or store sensitive personal data, thereby shrinking their sensitive data surface area, and reducing the impact of a potential cyber attack.

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