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Apr 28, 2021

Security audit

SILENTDATA passes independent third-party security audit by Kudelski Security

We’re very proud to announce that SILENTDATA has passed an extensive security audit by industry lead Kudelski Security.

You don’t just have to take our word for it that we can’t access any bank account data. We invited Kudelski Security to undertake a full independent audit. The security review included not only a code and site review, but also an architecture review validating the claims made about the SILENTDATA product. In particular the following claims were assessed:

  • Applied Blockchain personnel cannot influence the result as it is guaranteed by the enclave.
  • It is not possible from the SILENTDATA source code to create a false statement.
  • The cryptography primitives are used correctly and there is no leakage of sensitive information (e.g. tokens) outside of the Enclave.
  • The SILENTDATA server cannot directly access the Link, Public or Access tokens, nor the user’s bank account information or credentials.
  • It should be noted that SILENTDATA could not access information without knowledge of the end user.

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