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Apr 28, 2021

New features April 2021

Here are the features that we've added to SILENTDATA in the last month

Independent verification

SILENTDATA provides a great way to ask someone to prove information about their bank account without requiring them to reveal their data.

Screenshot of a completed certificate

You can now download a certificate from SILENTDATA and verify it in an independent, open-source tool hosted on GitHub. You no longer need to trust us, or our platform in order to know that a certificate is correct and valid.

  • Each SILENTDATA bank account check results in a certificate that lists a number of assertions.
  • However, if you receive a SILENTDATA certificate you don’t have access to the bank account data (and neither do we), so how can you know if these assertions are correct?
  • Certificates created using the SILENTDATA platform can now be downloaded and independently validated using an open-source tool hosted on GitHub.

Step 1: Download & independently verify a certificate

Screenshot of a completed certificate

Step 2: Upload and verify the certificate in an open-source verification tool

You no longer need to trust us to know that a bank account check was carried out correctly. You can use this tool any time, and inspect the open-source code behind it to be assured that the checks were conducted as expected.

Screenshot of a completed certificate

Confidential enclave versions

SILENTDATA uses confidential enclave technology that leverages a dedicated secure area of a computer chip in order to process private banking data.

We will use a number of confidential enclaves over time, and if a fault is discovered with an enclave, for example if the chip manufacturer reports a security vulnerability that was not known at the time a certificate was created, then we will mark this enclave as untrusted. Any certificates generated by such an enclave will need to be recreated by the users. The MRENCLAVE value that we display is a unique confidential enclave identity provided and validated by the chip manufacturer.

The list of MRENCLAVE values used by SILENTDATA is published here

Using this feature, users are assured of the integrity and security of the confidential enclaves used for SILENTDATA bank account checks.

Screenshot of a completed certificate

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