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Perform real-time credit control

Upgrade to an efficient, automated and instant credit management process. Our checks provide real-time status based on the customer’s current bank account data. For example, you could repeatedly check for a consistent source of income over the last 3 months from the same source, on the same day of the month.

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Proof of income

Consistent income over 3 months of £1,500

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Account holder

Rita Mount


22/11/21, 19:12:49 GMT

Reduce your risk by ensuring that customers have sufficient income

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Current solutions

Request a bank statement

Paper intensive process

Slow process

Paper or PDF bank statements may be forged

Use regular open banking

Provides access to private and sensitive information that is not required for the check, and may increase our data privacy and cyber liability, risk and exposure.

Our solution

Perform privacy-preserving bank account checks

Instant, no paperwork required

Doesn’t require the customer to reveal any sensitive information

Offers the best protection and respect for customer privacy

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