Perform privacy-preserving affordability checks on prospective individuals and businesses

Lenders providing credit, mortgages, loans and cards to consumers continually assess risk that debt repayment may be delayed or defaulted because a borrower lacks sufficient funds or consistent income. This risk is greater during these uncertain times of COVID-19.

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Proof of income

Consistent income over 3 months of £1,500

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Account holder

Derryl Manfred


22/11/21, 19:12:49 GMT

Reduce your risk by ensuring that customers have sufficient income

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Current solutions

Credit checks


Data intrusive

May not reflect current financial situation

May exclude borrowers with strong short-term income history

Use regular open banking

Provides access to too much sensitive personal and commercial information not required for the check

Risk of GDPR Data Minimisation non-compliance

Introduces additional cyber risk by increasing footprint of personal data captured and held

Our solution

Perform privacy-preserving bank account checks

Protects borrower data privacy

GDPR Data Minimisation compliant

Instant electronic checks

Provides digitally verifiable proof of based on live bank account data

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