Request electronic proof of funds before completing a deal

Many deals are prepared at risk, and parties may not actually have the funds available required to complete. This can cause pain and frustration to clients, and is increasingly an issue during these uncertain times as a result of COVID-19. Introduce certainty into your deals by requesting electronic proof of available funds.

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Proof of funds

Minimum account balance of £2,500

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Matics Limited


22/11/21, 19:12:49 GMT

Check in advance that a party has the ability to pay

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Current solutions

Request a Bank Statement

Reveals sensitive personal and commercial data

Slow to process

Paper and PDF bank statements can be easily forged and doctored

Not compliant with GDPR Data Minimisation

Our solution

Perform privacy-preserving bank account checks

Perform a privacy-preserving proof of funds check with the consent of the other party

Check does not reveal any sensitive banking data about the party

Electronic check is instant and provides a verifiable digital certificate as proof

Maximum GDPR compliance

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