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Verify employee bank details and verify the current salary of a prospective employee

Anyone hiring new employees will be aware of the dilemma associated with setting their salary. The first step is typically the communication of an expected salary by the candidate (or the recruitment agent). Employers must then gauge whether this number is within their budget for the role and a fair reflection of market rates given the candidate’s prior experience. The problem is that candidates will often exaggerate in the hope of gaining a substantial increase in pay.

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Anja Honorata


16/04/21, 16:37:16 GMT

Check in advance that a party has the ability to pay

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I want to check if my prospective employee hasn't exagerated his current job's salary.

Ariah Odin, HR Manager

Current solutions

Ask current salary

Exaggeration of current salary

Lack of required historical data to get a high credit score

Ask for a bank statement

People may not feel comfortable sharing a full bank statement with a prospective employer

Contains extensive information about the person, such as daily expenditure and spending habits

Paper documents can be forged or doctored

What I really need is a way to check the current salary, without the privacy issues associated with exposing sensitive personal information

Our solution

Perform confidential bank account checks

Does not require an individual to reveal any sensitive banking data

Protects and respects the prospective employee's data privacy

Increases compliance with GDPR data minimisation

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