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Verify bank account details and avoid invoice fraud

Invoice fraud occurs when company emails are intercepted and an email or invoice is received appearing to be from a supplier notifying of a bank account change (see description from Barclays).

Companies inadvertantly follow through with these emails and make a payment to the fraudster’s account. This type of fraud can be prevented by implementing a SILENTDATA Proof of ownership check, to receive first hand proof from the bank that the account details match the account holder name.

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Proof of ownership

Bank account holder identity

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Original Supplier Ltd.

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10/05/21, 14:34:07 GMT

Make sure you pay into the correct valid bank account

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I want to check if the account I am about to pay isn't a fraud.

Allan Parson, CFO

Current solutions

Trust the information in the email or invoice

Emails may be intercepted and originate from fraudsters

Invoices attached to emails may be intercepted and modified

High risk of paying funds into a fraudulent account

Contact your supplier

Sophisticated criminals will intercept your electronic communications

No easy way to obtain tangible evidence of bank account details

I'm concerned about invoice fraud.

Our solution

Perform confidential bank account checks

Instant check based on a certified digital response from their bank

Based on a real-time check of their bank account with their explicit permission

State of the art security ensures data privacy and confidentiality

Reduces errors in payment details to ensure the best possible experience for your suppliers, partners and employees

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