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Proof of income

Reduce your risk by ensuring that customers have sufficient income

Ask individuals and businesses to prove that they have a required minimum level of income or revenue.

Ensuring that your customers have the required income or revenue will reduce the chances of default on payments.

During these challenging times of COVID-19 the rate of payment defaults is higher than usual, and businesses must do everything to guard their cashflow and not expose themselves to undue risk.

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Proof of income

Consistent income over 3 months of £1,500

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Account holder

Rita Mount


22/11/21, 19:12:49 GMT

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Key features

Reduces the risk of non-payment by clients

Based on a real-time check of their bank account with their explicit permission

State of the art security ensures data privacy and confidentiality

Useful for


Monitor businesses to better manage risk


Perform privacy-preserving affordability checks on prospective individuals and businesses

Trading platforms

Perform real-time credit control

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